Constance by Matthew FitzSimmons

Constance is a look into the future of cloning, with a murder mystery attached. The author puts thought into what the world might look like in 10, 20 or 30 years time with major technological developments. None of these seemed to stretch the limits of what might be possible, but still felt far enough into the future to be quite a different world. The main part of the story focuses in on four main characters and their motivations for killing, while the reader follows, trying to find the truth in a group of very private individuals who all have something to gain. Toward the end as the truth unravels I felt the book didn’t always give the reader time to absorb the motivations and reasoning before adding another revelation to the mix. Overall I enjoyed reading of Con’s experience as a new clone more than the motivations of the killer, but the two were combined well to bring a complex but easy to read sci fi murder mystery together.

You can buy a copy of Constance here:

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