The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

The Book of Lost Things begins in the style of a young adult book, bringing the reader into David’s world as he hears his books talking to him. He is an unhappy child after his mother died and he struggles to settle into a life without her. David tries to find a way to escape the unwanted new life his father has made for them, but events soon make it clear that the book is much darker than expected.

David finds himself stuck in a world where The Crooked Man resides, and on a quest to find The Book Of Lost Things. The author brings the whole enchanted forest, with a variety of untrustworthy characters to life in a coming of age story. There are plenty of gory moments with a healthy mixture of heroes, villains, and unknown creatures who lurk in the forest. Many well known characters are also dotted through the book to bring a new look at what their stories may have been when put into The Crooked Man’s world.

The fairytale style of writing makes this an easy book to get through in no time at all. As the story darkened I had to find out if my predictions of David’s fate, and of the strange characters he meets, were correct.

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