Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood

Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood is a collection of essays and occasional pieces from 2004 to 2021. Some of these I had already read, or read snippets of, with others being completely new to me. The book is long, and well worth the full price for the hardback version for the variety of pieces to read. The benefit is that it’s as easy to pick up and put down as a short story collection. I found myself finding time to read one quick essay rather than needing to invest more time to read chapter after chapter.

This is definitely a book to savour over time. While reading the introductions to other books I found the need to look them up, almost like I had been recommended them by a friend. The essays helped to shed light on how Margaret Atwood wrote her books, what ideas captured her attention, and her volume of knowledge on such a wide range of topics.

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