Isaac And The Egg by Bobby Palmer

Isaac finds an egg three weeks after his wife died unexpectedly. He is at one of the darkest points in his life when he stumbles across an enormous white mass in the forest. It is clearly much too large to be from a nearby animal so it’s easy to wonder where it came from, whether it may be from another planet, and what might be inside.

As Isaac takes the egg and brings it home his past is gradually revealed through memories and trinkets around the house. The egg grows to be much more than when first discovered, and its presence has an impact on Isaac’s very quiet and lonely home. The egg helps us to understand both Isaac now, and the man he once was, along with the grief and traumatic circumstances that first bought him to the clearing in the forest, right by the bridge, where he had been contemplating putting a permanent stop to it all.

This isn’t a story about an egg. This is a book about Isaac; his grief, of friendship, and of finding a way out of the darkness.

Isaac and the egg will be available to buy from 18th August.


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