The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel

The Glass Hotel follows Paul and Vincent, brother and half sister, from their time as teenagers through to adulthood. Vincent and Paul didn’t have the easiest teenage years. Vincent lost her mother, and suffered from years of resentment from Paul for the collapse of his parent’s marriage. Both find themselves back living and working together... Continue Reading →

Frank Derrick’s Holiday of a Lifetime by J.B. Morrison

Frank is 82, he lives alone with his cat Bill and gives his neighbours Native American names. One day he finds he has the opportunity to visit his daughter Beth, and granddaughter Laura over in Los Angeles, and so begins his journey. I really liked Laura, the granddaughter. She seemed to have her heart in... Continue Reading →

The Skeleton Cupboard by Tanya Byron

The skeleton cupboard takes you on the journey of qualifying as a clinical psychologist. Tanya Byron talks through each of her placements in different areas of mental health and brings an understanding of how the psychologist can feel in these situations. This fiction book based on her experiences in training straddles the fiction/non-fiction boundary well.... Continue Reading →

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